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This week you will be reading Chapter 5 in your Posner and Rothbart text.

"Genes and Environment" examines the role of genes and experience in shaping the brain's underlying neural networks responsible for attention. While genetic differences account for disparities in the development of networks, specific experiences influence the efficiency of network performance. The authors offer arguments as to why science and its research have re-written the debate concerning nature versus nurture. Selectionist and constructivist views are not, according to the text, mutually exclusive. The intersection of genetics with the environment, as it relates to attention (and its abnormalities) is a primary focus of the authors. Chapter 5 provides research that shows that training can improve executive attention following brain injuries and the attentional performance of children. The authors argue that attention training has a place in pre-school because children with training exhibit greater self-control.

After reading the Chapter, consider the following question:

What are some ways in which participation in the arts can improve attention? By emphasizing early literacy and numeracy and with the pressure of high-stakes testing, have we unknowingly undermined the development of attentional networks? What teaching practices might parallel some of the methods described in this chapter and the training exercises the authors used for their research?”

In response to whatever question you choose, your team can:
  1. Create a thinking map, template, or graphic organizer of the ideas presented (including how they are linked to BTT model) or create concept maps of attention training activities (including a explanation of the instructional strategies) OR
  2. Research some aspect of the question in depth, citing related relevant research and submitting a traditional written response.

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