Brain Target


Team C’s Actions to support the Brain Target Model

BTT 1: Setting the Emotional Climate for Learning
Introducing our team and displaying our video created in the first week of online orientation. Also we will provide our cohort with a brief video that will review the purpose of a wiki. and how to use the simple edit and save features.
Each member of Team C has been assigned to interact with another Team and its members to answer questions and respond to the team's group and individual posts.
BTT 2: Creating the Physical Learning Environment
We have attempted to provide an aesthetically pleasing learning environment for our learners that is easy to navigate within our wiki site.
Team C has provided a variety of media such as a concept map, an overview of chapter 5 and other media to engage our classmates and keep their interest in the chapter and content presented.
BTT 3: Designing the Learning Experience
We have prepared a question to activate prior knowledge on attention and interventions and to guide the learner to think about the content presented in chapter 5.
Team C has provided a framework of questions which will promote higher order thinking or “think abouts”.
BTT 4: Teaching for Declarative and Procedural Knowledge
The learners have access to multiple presentations of this chapter's content to support their retention of both declarative and procedural knowledge.
Team C has provided multiple formats for the learner to access both declarative and procedural knowledge regarding Chapter 5 and the activities associated with the content.
BTT 5: Teaching for Extension and Application of Knowledge
The learners are expected to prepare a response or create a product that demonstrates an extension and application of the content of chapter 5 relating to attention and interventions to a classroom setting.
Team C has created an assignment that requires the learners to produce a product which asks the learner to demonstrate the ability to extend and apply their new found knowledge on attention and genes.
BTT 6: Evaluating Learning

At the end of week 7, we will have every team's work documented on this wiki.

Team C will provide feedback and respond to the Teams' work and evaluate the cohort's demonstrated learning of content in chapter 5 as well as navigating and using a wiki.